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Asian fit Arai Open Face Helmet SZ-RAM4 RAM-X SPENCER Rothmans Casque casco

This helmet is a Japanese market version. The inside shock absorbing shell has a round oval shape. The US / EU market version is an intermediate oval shape. This helmet will fit well on Asian head circle (round oval) shapes. Be sure to ask me the stock before ordering. Country of Origin: Japan. Standards: JIS, […]

Asian fit EXTRA BUCO US Air Force buco replica open face helmet Casque casco

Product Name: EXTRA BUCO open face Helmet US Air Force. The interior polystyrene foam is a one-piece shape with a grain style. Chin strap is made of nylon, strap cover is made of synthetic leather with wrinkles, and back goggle strap loop is made of vinyl. With BUCO PRODUCT foil stamp logo. The BUCO logo […]